eelo mobile phone operating system

Imagine mobile phones running a desirable eelo operating system, at a reasonable cost. Not running Google or any other "data hungry" services.

And at the same time, mobile phone operating systems where personal and corporate users can install and use the mainstream applications of their choice, if they wish so.

That's what eelo is going to provide: attractive mobile phone operating systems with better privacy.

Our mobile phone OS roadmap

Is eelo mobile phone OS available? Not yet!

In 2018, we plan to release the system as an "installable ROM" that will be compatible with a number of devices. It will be a "Minimal Viable Product" (MVP). This means it won't include all eelo features we have in mind for the long term; it will usable and attractive, just with a minimal function set.

This year we will begin selling the first mobile phones, which will be "post market" phones, i.e. phones that we buy, flash with the eelo system and sell to customers.

eelo is also already seeking hardware partners and resellers that would be interested in preloading eelo for mass-market release.

2018 Roadmap:

  • June 2018: early access to eelo email for eelo backers
  • July 2018: early access to eelo drive for eelo backers
  • August 2018: eelo OS beta (MVP) release with several web services (search, app store)
  • September 2018: eelo OS source code release on eelo GitLab
  • September 2018: eelo email and drive open to more users
  • October 2018: smartphones with eelo OS start shipping to eelo backers
  • January 2019: smartphones with eelo OS start selling


Supported devices

At the moment, we're developing for LeEco Le2 and Xiaomi Mi5S. A list of devices that will be easily supported by eelo is available here.

It will grow over time, but possibly not all devices from this list will be officially supported if they become obsolete.

On the other hand, as eelo will be open-source, we count on the community to support and maintain eelo for rare devices.

Suggest a new device

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