eelo applications & web services

Today, it's hard to imagine smartphone usage without the Internet.

Your smartphone links with many web services: search, email, drive, online backup, maps etc.

But most of the time, those "free" services are just excuses to capture as much of your personal information as possible.

A more ethical digital ecosytem

Because eelo is about protecting your digital life privacy, we will release (as much as possible) open source alternatives to those services. Advanced users will even be given the opportunity to self-host those services, if they so wish.

We will also release an alternative application store where you can find and install most existing applications, without even having to login.

Along with the eelo smartphone, this will make a consistent, more ethical, and more respectful ecosystem.

eelo web services

Before the end of this year you will be able to use:

  • eelo search: we won't track you to sell you ads!
  • eelo mail: a 'state of the art' email service, and we won't scan your contents.
  • eelo drive: a storage place where you can save your data safely.
  • eelo office: a set of online office applications (including word processor, spreadsheet and presentation) that you can use for collaborative work.
  • eelo application store: an independent alternative place where you will be able to choose from thousands of applications, including all well-known applications. But not just that! we're putting in place an original mechanism for users to score applications: their quality, if they are open source or not, if they respect data privacy... The best apps will get an eelo label!